Social Media on TVNZ’s Breakfast

Breakfast served up a stunner this morning, and I’m not talking bacon and eggs. I just happended to have turned on the TV when I came across the first of these two interviews about social media use in organisations (check out the links below).

Facebook: Social tool or work nuisance? (2:57)

Social media part of a day’s work (4:13) From TVNZ BreakFast

Both interviews cover the similar topic that social media tools can be beneficial to an organisation and not a hinderance. As we “digital natives” begin to dominate the workplace it would be prudent for organisations to start working on policies to integrate the use of social media rather than ban it outright.

My last post was all about the 4C’s and matching social media use to organisation function and strategy. Function and strategy for an organisation needs to take into account the workforce and how they tick because without them you aren’t getting far. As more Gen Y’ers/Digital Natives etc (whichever your preferred term) begin to enter the workforce it would be silly not to be maximising their potential and take advantage of the skills they are bringing in using social media. Now this doesn’t mean letting everyone go bananas on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter but if time is taken and planned carefully there is a world of opportunity awaiting for those that choose the path to integration.


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