Last but not least….

So here it is the last of my blogs… for now… so being the last, time¬†for a bit of reflection. I must admit this has been a unique experience. I definetly don’t consider myself much of a writer usually but have found that writing for a specific topic, Social Media in organisations has had words rolling onto the virtual page ūüôā

I can definetly see how blogs can be a valuable source on information and promote  interaction between individuals. This could be a vauable resource to any organisation that would adopt this form of social media. For those of you who know a bit about knowledge management, much has been said about the value of sharing tacit knowledge by telling stories. Blogs provide a great medium for this, admittedly though some of the context can be lost without the direct social interaction but its a start.

It was remarkably easy to be¬†online,¬†set up and underway sharing your thoughts. Given that, its no wonder why there are so many people around the world blogging right now. I have had some¬†experience of working in organisations where¬†I felt that¬†a regular¬†newsletter¬†might be better provided by¬†a blog¬†and allow¬†some two way communication (remember the¬†4C’s)¬†be it questions for clarification or just comment of¬†praise for an initiative. All¬†of this may promote a more interactive organisationsal culture (if that what you are looking for)

The only final thoughts I have are that it is very easy to become relaxed and forget about keeping up regular posts. For bloggin to work I think it is of the utmost importance to maintain a regular presence otherwise the followers that were hard earned in the beginning could be lost just as quick, (although on that point I can now see where RSS feeds would also be handy to alert users to any updates.)

So goodbye for now, thanks for reading my ideas on social media. Heres one last clip.


Gotta start somewhere, Why not the 4C’s?

So today I’m talking about Niall Cook’s 4C’s approach to classifying social media for use in organisations by its function. Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration or Connection. To me (and not having a big background in all things social media) this approach seemed to neatly organise some of the many options available out there.

Now if I have learnt one thing throughout my current studies its that if¬†a business is looking to a new initiative to generate value it must look to align that initiative with its main strategy and culture otherwise they might as well be heading¬†up the proverbial¬†creek without a paddle. What I found good about the 4C’s approach is that it¬†helps promote this alignment by¬†classifying¬†current tools against measures of¬†formality and interaction.

Now I’ve read a colleagues blog who believes that the 4C’s approach is somewhat outdated and doesn’t take into account of the evolution of the social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter, and also feels the approach is ridgid and we should be thinking away from functionality ( While I don’t disagree,¬†I feel that there is benefit for new organisations,¬†in the beginning to try and use this approach to isolate some of the functional requirements they are looking to fill with¬†a social media solution.¬†Eventually they can look to grow, evolve and integrate social media¬†tools like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Wikis, Blogs, Mashups, and make use of Tags, RSS feeds etc, but hey they gotta start somewhere and the 4C’s might just be a good kickoff point. But thats just me tell me what you think…….