Social media a fad?

So there I was a couple of weeks ago flicking through the Stuff website getting my daily update on all things NZ when I was drawn to this wee article calling social media a fad.

Having just started a course on social media use in organisations and knowing there will be assignments coming up I thought having some reference fodder might just prove handy. As I read through and admittedly had a chuckle at our wee Tim and his use of or lack thereof of modern technology (and I only chuckle because I know a few people exactly the same, I mean no offense to my Southland friends) I did start to think, is this social media monster just a fad or will it go the way of chatter-rings, yo-yos and tamagotchis?

I did a little reasearch and came across this article from 2003 at Blogs: The Next Big Thing,2817,1109531,00.asp. This guy John Dovrak was starting to raise the same question then particularly about blogging and wondering where it would go int the next five years. Well here we are nine years later and I get the strong feeling blogging isn’t going anywhere, we are even getting movies about it, good old Julie and Julia (and I have only seen it as my partner happened to have it on one night).

How long really constitutes a fad? If blogging hadn’t disappeared in the nine years since Mr Dovraks article what about the rest of what I’m going to call the social media phenomenon? Is it all going to disappear one day? I highly doubt it. I think it will just continue to evolve especially in the world of business. I have seen and am still seeing businesses continually increase their use of the various options available out there. From twittering the latest sale info to running competitions on Facebook it is all just growing. It’s the way of the future and I’m looking for to seeing and learning about where its going. And if anyone is thinking otherwise I’ll just pass on a few words from a favourite movie…”tell em he’s dreaming.” Until next time.