The art of conversation is not lost….

I’ve been hearing for years from people much older (and probably smarter) than myself that because of texting, email, Facebook and any number of other social media we are slowly losing the art of conversation. To be honest I probably would agree with this, many a time I would much rather chat with someone on Facebook than actually speak to them on the phone. But then I read in Niall Cook’s book (Enterprise 2.0 :  How social software will change the future of work) that markets are conversations. A weird concept if ever I’d heard one.

Then I started to think, what is a conversation but an interaction between two or more people. Think about it, the last time you went down to the shop to get the latest DVD, buy the latest Ipad or even tried to sort out the new broadband connection for home you were conversing your needs.The business then responded by supplying what you were looking for.

So if a business wants to make a little profit by selling you more stuff then they had better find out what you need, and how do they do that? By having a little more conversation!

Bring on social media! Rather than sitting high up on their perch waiting for you to enter the door at the shop businesses are now brining the conversation to you by using social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, texting, to name just a few options). Check out this link to “the porous membrane: why corporate blogging works” which expands on this further.

So is the art of conversation really dying or just evolving to another level, I’ll leave you to think about it….