Whats the go with Web 2.0?

My ongoing education into the world of social media use in organisations has now bought me to the concept of Web 2.0 a cornerstone of todays social media technology. Now to be honest I had heard of this concept but never really understood it. How did Web 2.0 differ from Web 1.0 and when did one become the other?

The pieces of the puzzle slowly began to make sense as I worked through the course readings and a handy wee peak (well a big peak) at Wikipedia’s article on the subject (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_2.0).  So here goes my explanation in a nutshell:
Web 1.0 was mainly about a one way delivery of information to users using very basic web page technology. There was no interaction involved, if you were looking for info you simply got what the author decided you needed to know. When Web 2.0 came along it changed all this by allowing more interaction and creating a more user oriented web. We now had the ability to comment, tag, share, rate, share our ideas and beliefs on a topic – a much more interactive experience. The browser also became a much more powerful platform, removing the need for packaged software and bringing us tools such as software as a service (but more on that another day).
That’s a very basic explanation but I think it covers the heart of the concept, increased interactivity. Which links nicely with my last post describing markets as a conversation. Social media, based on the new interactivity of web 2.0 allows an increased conversation between the producers and consumers of information on the web.
Now I can’t leave without a little bit of fun, there is so much content already available on the subject of web 2.0 I thought why re-invent the wheel. So here let me interact a little with you by sharing the following video I found on YouTube. Hope you enjoy 🙂